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Locomotive – The complete out-of-print first edition. 22 articles, 100 pages
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The first edition of our popular Locomotive annual is available as a downloadable back issue. The sold-out issue contains a special report on General Electric’s Evolution Series diesels, Amtrak’s Acela, and the emerging Gensets. It’s 100 pages on great locomotives of the past and today. Here’s the line-up of articles in the Locomotive issue offered in this TRAINS Express PDF package:

- “Life Expectancy” By Andrew Gregory, Page 9

- “Evolution Revolution” By Greg McDonnell, Pages 10-17

- “The Essence of Evolution” GE Evolution Series foldout, Pages 18-20

- “Substance of the 70s” EMD 70 Series foldout, Pages 21-23

- “An Engineman’s Engine” By Steve Bradley, Pages 24-25

- “Power for the People” By Greg Gormick, Pages 26-33

- “Still Playing the Big Leagues” By Elrond Lawrence, Pages 34-35

- “It Can Be Good Being Green” By David Lustig, Pages 36-39

- “The Baldwin Capital of the World” By Robert S. McGonigal, Pages 40-41

- “A Couple of Old Kennedys” By Misko Kranjec, Pages 42-43

- “GenSets: The Next Big Thing” By David Lustig, Pages 44-49

- “Photo Section” By assorted photographers, Pages 50-57

- “Look at EMD Now” By Greg Gormick, Pages 58-67

- “Not Bad for a 42-Year-Old” By J. David Ingles, Pages 68-69

- “Living Legends” By J. David Ingles, Pages 70-75

- “Shock Along the Susquehanna” By Kevin P. Keefe, Pages 76-77

- “The Need for Speed” By Greg McDonnell, Pages 78-85

- “Remember the Rutland” By Jim Shaughnessy, Pages 86-87

- “Pocono Mountain Majesties” By Greg McDonnell, Pages 88-93

- “70 Tons of Personality” By Ted Benson, Pages 94-95

- “Forever Young” By Greg McDonnell, Page 96

- “The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven” By Greg McDonnell, Page 98

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