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High Speed Rail – our coverage of fast trains in the U.S. and around the world. 13 articles, 64 pages
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Hold onto your hat as this special PDF package of stories about fast trains roars through. Learn about high speed railroads in the U.S. and overseas. Take a look at the Japanese bullet train, the Metroliner, Acela, and even the 1960s Turbotrain in this TRAINS Express PDF package. Here’s the line-up of stories from the Trains magazine archive:

- “Turbotrain: Is the Hardware Equal to the Hard Sell?” By Harold A. Edmonson, Cover, pages 20-23, April 1969
- “Journey into the Unknown” By Art Buchwald, Page 35, April 1969
- “What’s Right (and Wrong) with the Metroliner” By John Fellow, Cover, pages 26-29, July 1969
- “Is This the Way to Washington?” By John Fellow, Pages 25-26, August 1970
- “The Case of the Fast-Moving Target” By John J. Carmody, Pages 20-24, February 1971
- “Bullet Train Revisited” By William D. Middleton, Pages 38-41, 43-45, October 1973
- “TRAINS Rides the TGV” By George H. Drury, Pages 53-56, April 1989
- “Eurostar Runs Fast and Deep” By Karl Zimmermann, Pages 60-65, April 1996
- “Hot Wheels: The New American Flyer” By Dan Cupper, Pages 24-26, June 1996
- “Test Driving the Acela Express” By Bob Johnston, Pages 34-37, December 1999
- “A Coming-Out Party for Acela Express” By Bob Johnston, Cover, pages 24-27, February 2001
- “Acela Report” By Bob Johnston, Pages 52-57, December 2001
- “Metroliner’s Amazing Race” By Bruce Goldberg, Pages 44-53, June 2006

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