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Rail Yards – seven decades of yard stories. 16 articles, 110 pages
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Yards, big and small, have been the subject of Trains stories for years. Learn more about freight-switching yards from coast to coast in this TRAINS Express PDF package. Here’s the line-up of stories from the Trains magazine archive:

- “Potomac Yard, Va.” By Trains staff, Pages 22-25, November 1940
- “Car Retarders” By Trains staff, Page 25, March 1943
- “C&NW’s Proviso Yard,” By Trains staff, Pages 6-9, October 1944
- “Switching at West Oakland” By Norman B. Lindsay, Pages 58-59, April 1947
- “Cedar Hill Yard: Planned for Efficiency” By E.R. Meaker, Pages 12-15, October 1948
- “Three and a Flock of Singles” By Wallace W. Abbey, Pages 10-13, September 1950
- “He Said to Clean Up the Yard!” By Wallace W. Abbey, Pages 50-55, June 1953
- “12,000 Cars a Day” By Philip R. Hastings, Pages 22-27, September 1953
- “Look, Ma, No Hands!” By David P. Morgan, Pages 57-59, April 1956
- “Unretarded Progress” By Jerry A. Pinkepank, Pages 18-27, January 1963
- “Buffalo Terminal” By Ken Kraemer and Devan Lawton, Cover, pages 29-43, February 1976
- “Pomona Yard: 8:40 a.m.-5:35 p.m.” By Curt Tillotson Jr., Pages 49-53, March 1980
- “Farewell to Potomac Yard” By Robert S. Carper, Pages 30-39, May 1992
- “Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City” By Harold L. Miller Jr., Cover, pages 40-45, June 2000
- “Railroading’s Hidden Half: The Yard, Part 1” By Edwin Kraft, Cover, pages 46-67, June 2002
- “Railroading’s Hidden Half: The Yard, Part 2” By Edwin Kraft, Pages 36-47, July 2002

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