Railroad Fact or Fiction, the Erie Railroad, and the First Transcontinental Railroad

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Railroad Fact or Fiction, the Erie Railroad, and the First Transcontinental Railroad - Standard gauge history, the Erie Railroad, and the building of the first transcontinental railroad. 19 articles, 63 pages
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Trains has been covering the big picture issues of railroading for years. Join us as we revisit topics such as standard gauge history, rail trails, and mainline tonnage. In this TRAINS Express PDF package, go with us to see how the Erie was covered in past issues, Chessie’s signature railroad, and how the West was won! Here’s the line-up of stories from the Trains magazine archive:

- “What’s Right with Airlines?” By David P. Morgan, Pages 16-19, October 1950

- “Is the Passenger Train Obsolete?” By David P. Morgan, Pages 31, 34-37, July 1956

- “The Day They Tamed the West” By David P. Morgan, Pages 16-17, April 1958

- “The Perfect Passenger Train” By David P. Morgan, Pages 52-55, May 1966

- “12:47 p.m. May 10, 1869” By Harold A. Edmonson, Cover,
Pages 24-29, May 1969

- “Pacific Rails and the Press” The Pacific Railroad as reported around the world, Page 30, May 1969

- “Prelude to Promontory” By Harold A. Edmonson, Pages 31-33, May 1969

- “Facing on a Single Track … Jupiter and 119” By John H. White Jr., Pages 48-50, May 1969

- “The Promise of Promontory” By various authors, Pages 57-59, May 1969

- “The Day They Repealed Promontory” By Don L. Hofsommer, Pages 54-55, July 1986

- “ABC’s of Railroading: A History of Track Gauge” By George W. Hilton, Pages 23-24, September 1992

- “That Promontory Myth” By George R. Van House, Pages 40-43, May 1994

- “When the Erie Went Diesel” By J. William Vigrass, Pages 58-61, March 1996

- “When Chessie Showed the Way” By Kevin P. Keefe, Pages 40-41, January 1998

- “The Erie’s 300-Mile Division” By Robert Ronald Rohal, Pages 52-53, June 2000

- “Are Truckers Lucky or Just Better?” By Jim Giblin, Pages 54-57, November 2001

- “That ’70s Look: Decade of the Cat” By Greg McDonnell, Pages 68-69, March 2005

- “That ’70s Map: Mainline Tonnage” By Curtis W. Richards, Pages 76-77, March 2005

- “The Truth About Rails with Trails” By Mark Vernarelli, Pages 50-55, September 2005

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