Cascade Tunnel, Pennsylvania Station, and Guilford Transportation

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Cascade Tunnel, Pennsylvania Station, and Guilford Transportation – Great Northern’s Cascade Tunnel, New York’s Penn Station, and the history of Guilford Transportation. 17 articles, 103 pages
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Stories about America’s busiest train station and its longest rail tunnel are featured in this TRAINS Express PDF package, along with coverage of New England’s largest regional. Here’s the line-up of stories from the Trains magazine archive:

- “Through Cascade Tunnel” By Victor H. White, Pages 4-9, June 1941
- “Greatest Show on Earth: New York Division, PRR” By W.R. Osborne, Pages 8-25, January 1942
- “Great Northern Electrics” By Warren R. McGee, Pages 4-5, May 1943
- “Pennsylvania Station” From Pennsylvania Railroad, Page 35, April 1946
- “Cascade Tunnel” By Wallace W. Abbey, Pages 20-21, September 1952
- “The Locomotive That Made Penn Station Possible” By Frederick Westing, Cover, pages 28-38, October 1956
- “How Great Northern Conquered the Cascades” By D.W. McLaughlin, Pages 22-29, November 1961
- “The Reason for America’s Longest Tunnel” By D.W. McLaughlin, Pages 22-33, December 1961
- “High Green for Guilford” By Tom Nelligan, Page 15, September 1983
- “The 4000-Mile CR Alternative” By Tom Nelligan, Page 10, April 1984
- “The Guilford Spectrum” By Scott A. Hartley, Pages 24-29, June 1986
- “Guilford’s Fourth Railroad” By Tom Nelligan, Pages 18 & 18A, July 1987
- “Change at Penn Station: An Opportunity” By Theodore W. Scull, Pages 16-18, August 1991
- “The Silence of East Deerfield” By Ben Bachman, Pages 58-61, October 1993
- “Guilford: New England’s Reticent Regional” By John Dodge, Cover, pages 40-49, October 1998
- “Penn Station: We’re Jammed!” By Joe Greenstein, Pages 26-29, April 2001
- “Pennsy’s Sunnyside Yard” By E. John Long, Pages 30-38, June 2003

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