Model Railroader Favorite Projects

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Check out Model Railroader's special issue featuring quick and easy self-contained projects to make easy improvements to your layout! Don’t miss out on over 165 tips from today’s best builders.

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Model Railroader Favorite Projects contains 22 complete how-to articles written by 16 of today’s best modelers, including Pelle Søeborg, Cody Grivno, Lou Sassi, Larry Puckett, and more! Included are essential articles on benchwork, track, wiring, DCC, scenery, structures, and rolling stock.

You'll find quick and easy self-contained projects to make easy improvements to your layout including:

  • Building a lift-up section
  • Building a coal dump track
  • A series on weathering rolling stock
  • And much more!
Pages: 84

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Created from a number of past issues of Model Railroader magazine, this 90-page, well-conceived all-color booklet is a compilation of various model railroad projects covering a variety of subjects and scales, but largely HO. I see it directed more to modelers who have some experience under their belts, but newcomers will also pick up some valuable clues how to improve their layouts.

The booklet's subject matter is divided into four segments including Benchwork, DCC Essentials, Scenery, and Structures and Rolling Stock. Under the first category, readers learn how to install a basic fascia skirt alongside the edge of a layout, how to build benchwork that can eventually be taken apart for movement, and how to construct a unique lift-up section on a layout. In the second section of the book, subjects include making DCC-friendly turnouts, tips for improving turnouts, and ways of “consisting” or coupling locomotives together so they operate electrically as one unit.

Painting and weathering track, building mountain scenery, layering backdrops for depth, building a coal truck dump and making wall signs, making bridges, building a beam bridge, and how to model desert scenery and also Joshua trees make up the next section. In the Rolling Stock segment, readers learn how to give new life to old HO box cars, how to weather rolling stock rooftops, and how to weather with acrylics. Finally a one-page article explains the use of train whistle signals, while another tells how to model a flatcar load of tractors, and the last article explains how to enhance a flatcar deck by weathering. Numerous color photos accompany each article.

The book’s various authors are well recognized, seasoned modelers.

—Don Heimburger, Heimburger House Publishing Co.

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