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Green Stuff Tape with Gap

Item #85250

This putty is perfect for filling large gaps, building up missing details, and even sculpting new details.  It can even be formed in thin layers to replicate fabric.
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Kneadatite Blue/Yellow Green Stuff is a room-temperature curing two-part epoxy putty. The yellow tape is the “filler”, and the blue part is the “hardener”. When mixed, you have 90 minutes to shape and detail before it hardens. The product can move faster or slower and has a harder or softer cure when mixed in different ratios.

Helpful tips:

  • Use a little lubricant to prevent Green Stuff from sticking. Water is the most common lubricant, but Vaseline or baby oil will help get a smooth surface.
  • Work with wet fingers for easier sculpting
  • Talcum powder helps reduce stickiness to avoid fingerprints.

Set contains 6 inches of material with gap to help extend material lifetime.

Manufactured by Green Stuff World
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