Micro Sol & Micro Set Kit

Item #84085

This Micro Sol & Micro Set Kit offers you must-have setting solutions for decals. These solutions do several things to decals to improve application and give your models a “painted on” look.

This kit includes both Micro Sol and Micro Set at a reduced rate!

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Make sure you have both of these solutions to give your models the perfect decal application.

Micro Set prepares the surface with special wetting agents that cut the oils in new paint and converts the adhesive on the back of the decal to a stronger and longer lasting one. In addition, Micro Set slightly softens the decal film to make it more flexible so that it will conform better to the model's surface. It also can act as a decal remover.

Micro Sol setting solution is needed for applying decals to the most difficult, irregular surfaces found on models. It completely softens the decal, allowing it to drape down onto the surface of the model, conforming perfectly to surface irregularities without distortion.

Size: Each bottle is 1 oz.
Brand: Microscale Industries, Inc.
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