Playing with Plaster Set

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Introducing new modeling tool sets with all of the essentials for model railroaders, scale modelers, and more!
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Introducing new model railroading sets with all of the essentials you need to get and keep your layout looking great and running smoothly.

This set includes:

  • Plaster Cloth - Plaster Cloth is an easy, convenient way to model lightweight land contours and terrain base.
  • Plastic Sheets - The plaster-coated cloth creates a durable hard shell, designed to accept pigment, paints, plaster castings and landscape materials easily.
  • Plaster Mixing Set - These plaster bowls and spatula from Woodland Scenics are essential for your plastering projects.  The measuring cup and mixing bowl are marked in ounces and milliliters for easy measuring.
  • Plaster Brush Set - These durable silicone brushes from Woodland Scenics are made for continual use and easy cleanup of your plastering projects.  They can be cleaned wet or dry and are specially sized for plaster application with staggered bristles designed to hold plaster.
  • Plaster Cloth/Modeling Tray - This non-stick silicone tray from Woodland Scenics offers fast, easy cleanup and long-lasting use.  It can be used to dip Plaster Cloth and for pouring molds, plaster slabs, and expansive rock walls.  The tray includes side grips for easy lifting.

Save 22% when you buy this set!

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