Red Hot Silly Peppers

Rather Dashing Games

A wild and competitive card game.

Players: 2-5
Ages: 7 and up
Game time: 15-30 minutes
Designers: Mike Richie and Grant Wilson
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Salsa has never been this silly! In this wild and competitive card game, players attempt to make the perfect bowl of salsa! The only problem is, the perfect bowl keeps changing!

Take your cards and spin the salsa spinner to see just how hot (or not) your salsa needs to be. Pepper cards have different heats, and add some fruit cards to make your salsa sweeter and less hot.

Incredibly fun for adults and kids alike, Red Hot Silly Peppers is a great way to hone math skills, learn a few fun facts, and have a silly time doing it!


How many cards should I have in my hand?
Whenever you play a card or cards on a turn besides your own, such as when you trump or play a Salsa Swipe, ALWAYS draw back up to four cards immediately. At the beginning of your turn, draw to five cards.
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