Dwarven Miner

Rather Dashing Games

Collect resources, craft items, push-your-luck.

Players: 2-4
Ages: 12 and up
Game time: 30-60 minutes
Designers: Mike Richie and Grant Wilson
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In Dwarven Miner, your job is to collect resources from your mine which are used to craft items for your patrons. Roll six custom dice in a push-your-luck style to see what can be pulled out of your mine. Craft those resources into all types of gear from armor to magic wands to mithril swords. Patrons are great and powerful dwarves who have chosen you to outfit them in their adventurous, mystical, and often dangerous professions. Ranging from Warriors to Rune Singers, Alchemists to Chieftains, each will earn you points and reward you with a special ability that affects the game.

Featuring game play that is both strategic and addictive, beautiful artwork, and high quality components, Dwarven Miner will have you dodging Orcs as you come back to mine again and again!


What happens when two Rune Singers are in play at the same time?
You can play this however you like. We play one Rune Singer at a time. So, play through the first Rune Singer, then discard her when everyone has enjoyed double resources or she gets killed. Immediately enjoy the benefits of the second one.
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