FineScale Modeler July 2016

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Form & Figure: Painting pale skin
BY Joe Hudson
Superhero Thor's Nordic heritage shows in light flesh
Pg. 18

Painting & Airbrushing: Pastels finish desert camouflage
BY Fausto Muto
Unique medium offers more control than airbrushing
Pg. 20

Thunderbolt to the rescue
BY Frank Cuden
Modeling a 1/72 scale P-47D for SAR
Pg. 22

End of the line for a StuH 42
BY Kenneth Childres
Dragon's 1/35 scale SP gun gets PE, paint, and Zimmerit.
Pg. 26

FSM Star Wars Contest Gallery
See the 12 winning models!
Pg. 32

Producing a pint-sized Deuce-and-a-half
BY Bart Cusumano
Upgrading, detailing a 1/72 scale Academy 2 1/2-ton Army truck
Pg. 40

Creating a sexy Cobra
BY Floyd S. Werner Jr.
Working over an old kit to reflect a Vietnam-era Bell AH-1 attack copter
Pg. 44

Model glue FAQ
BY Aaron Skinner
How it works and how to work with it
Pg. 48

Final Details: A dogged resistance
BY Mark Hembree
Pg. 66

Workbench Reviews

Rye Field Tiger I
BY John Plzak

Tamiya SU-76M
BY Tom Foti

Eduard Fw 190A-8
BY Walt Fink

Revell Germany BAe Hawk T1
BY Phil Pignataro

Italeri Statue of Liberty
BY Chuck Davis

Tamiya IJN Kagero
BY Mark Karolus

Horizon Models Mercury-Atlas
BY Paul Boyer

Meng Convair F-106A Delta Dart
BY Paul Boyer

Italeri Dassault Mirage IIIC
BY Caleb Horn
Trumpeter HEMTT M983 tractor
BY Mike Scharf

Trumpeter MIM-104 Patriot launcher and radar trailers
BY Mike Scharf
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