FineScale Modeler May 2011

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May 2011
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Giving a Fiat authentic flavor
By Aaron Skinner
A layered approach to weathering
pg. 20

Painting a Soviet heavy tank
By Luciano Rodriguez
Unique camouflage for a KV-1
pg. 22

Build a big F-105D Thunderchief
By Scott Murphy
Tips for a thoroughly thrilling Thud
pg. 26

Easy-to-model water
By Chris Ludwick
Mix up some Celluclay and set sail!
pg. 32

How to pre-shade a Tomcat
By Fausto Muto
Artful techniques for an F-14
pg. 40

Sharpen up an Israeli Sakeen
By Jeff Herne
Model an Avia S.199 in postwar service
pg. 44

Showcase special: A working model of USS Iowa
Marvel at this 1/96 seagoing scratchbuilt ship!
pg. 50
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