Mountain Railroads Featured in April 2004 Issue

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Mountain Railroads Featured in April 2004 Issue – in-depth collection of mountain railroad stories. 8 articles, 74 pages
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The feature articles in our April 2004 blockbuster issue on mountain railroads are available as a PDF package. Learn all about how railroads defied gravity, how trains climbed mountains, and how they came down steep grades. The worst and best grades of all time, as well as the biggest mountain-climbing locomotives, are also explored in this series of mountain railroad stories. Here’s the line-up of all eight articles from the April 2004 issue offered in this TRAINS Express PDF package:

- “The Mountain Way” By Mark W. Hemphill, Matt Van Hattem, Ed King, Ron Flanary, and Brian Jennison; Cover, pages 26-49
- “The Mosts: The Biggest, the Baddest, the Worst” By Mark W. Hemphill, Tim Zukas, Bill Schafer, Robert S. McGonigal, Matt Van Hattem, Jay Potter, and J. D. Schmid; Pages 53-61
- “Big Engines for Big Grades: 8 Definitive Locomotives” By J. David Ingles, Pages 62-64
- “Getting Them Up the Grade: The Norfolk & Western Way” By Ed King, Pages 65-73
- “Building the Mountain Railroad: Canadian Pacific vs. Canadian Northern in British Columbia” By Ron Bailey, Pages 74-81
- “Old Men of the Mountain” By Blair E. Kooistra, Pages 82-89
- “Getting Them Down the Grade” By Ed King, Pages 92-101
- “The Top 30: Tonnage Over the Mountains, 2002 vs. 1972” By Curt Richards, Page 114

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