Best of John Armstrong vol. 4

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The fourth installment features great track plans for small to room-size railroads. Includes 14 track plans. 3 articles. 15 pages.
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The fourth installment of the Best of John Armstrong series focuses on getting the most out of your available space. In this collection of digital scans of John's classic Model Railroader articles from the mid-1950s, you'll get tips for saving space on a shelf-type layout, including a track plan that provides point-to-point operation and continuous running. You'll also find a progression of track plans that show you how to start small with a railroad that you can enjoy today but that can easily expand as you gain experience and train room space. Ranging from tabletop railroads to walk-in room-size layouts, the last article features a collection of track plans that are each designed to highlight a specific type of operation – engineer, dispatcher, or spectator. (15 pages, 1.5 MB)

Here are the track plans included in this set:

  • Railroads That Go Places
  • Railroad with a Future
  • Build Your Pike to Suit Yourself
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