Collectible Classics: 12 Operating Lionel Accessories, Modern to Prewar

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Learn about these great operating accessories from Lionel! Each profile includes a photo and historical information.
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This set contains the following accessories:

  • O gauge no. 12719 Animated Refreshment Stand
  • Standard gauge no. 438 Signal Tower
  • Standard and O gauge no. 440N Signal Bridge
  • O gauge no. 97 Coal Elevator
  • O gauge no. 12741 Intermodal Crane
  • O gauge no. 356 Operating Freight Station
  • O gauge no. 445 Operating Switch Tower
  • O gauge no. 397 Diesel-Type Coal Loader
  • O gauge no. 352 Icing Depot
  • O gauge no. 156 Station Platform
  • Standard and O gauge no. 923 Tunnel

12 pages, 6.5 MB

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