Dining a la Pullman

Terence Mulligan, Peter Tilp, and Karl Zimmermann
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Take a lavish trip back in time with this exploration of the Pullman Company’s extravagant restaurant railroad cars. Inside, you’ll learn all things Pullman through extensive interviews, complete menus, countless photographs, delicious recipes, and more.
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Considered the height of railroad luxury in the late nineteenth century through the mid twentieth century, the dining cars introduced by George Pullman of the Pullman Company rivaled the experience of a fine dining restaurant. Diners were treated to elegant china, delectable menus, and the service of professional chefs and waitstaff.

Take a lavish trip back in time with Dining a la Pullman, a comprehensive guide to Pullman dining cars from 1866 to 1968. Explore page after page of descriptions and historic images of these train cars - inside and out, artifacts, menus, and much more.

You’ll also get firsthand accounts from interviews with former Pullman staff members as well as co-author Peter Tilp, whose company purchased and restored the Pullman car Lotos Club. Finally, serve up dining car-quality dishes yourself with several original recipes straight from the archive of Pullman kitchens.
Author: Terence Mulligan, Peter Tilp, and Karl Zimmermann
Size: 8.5x11
Pages: 172
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