Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits

Tim Boyd
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This must-have book showcases America's most popular model kits!

If you are looking to build your collection, interested in getting the kits of your favorite manufacturer, or just want to look at the cars you have owned, this book is a valuable resource.

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By encompassing a very broad definition of “Muscle Cars”, Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits covers kits from the genesis of the muscle car era in the early-mid 1950’s through the end of the first-generation muscle cars in 1974. While prioritizing rare “original issue” kits, it references virtually all the 1/24th and 1/25th muscle car kits introduced from AMT, MPC, Revell, Monogram, JoHan, Moebius, and others. Coverage runs from the beginning of the modern model car kit business in 1958 through today’s latest offerings.

Those that have read the book often comment that it actually covers far more than just muscle car kits – it encompasses much of the history of the entire model car kit business itself, including little known facts and heretofore unrevealed industry insider insights. If you consider yourself a model car enthusiast, you need this book!

Published by CarTech

Author: Tim Boyd
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 176
Color photos: 408
Author Bio
Tim Boyd has been a regular contributor to Scale Auto magazine since its beginning 40 years ago. You’ve probably read his “Kit History” article and “Classic Kits” columns in that magazine. Now Tim has compiled his most complete model kit history ever – over 400 all color photos and 176 pages – in the new CarTech Publishing book Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: In the Beginning: The Origins of the Model Car Kit Hobby 
Chapter 2: The Four Waves of Model Car Kit Evolution and the Envy Factor 
Chapter 3: Laying the Groundwork for Muscle Cars: The Pre–Supercar Era 
Chapter 4: The Supercar Is Born, Part 1: Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Buick 
Chapter 5: The Supercar Is Born, Part 2: Chevelle and El Camino 
Chapter 6: Dearborn Responds: Ford and Mercury Performance Intermediates
Chapter 7: It’s All about the Packaging: Chrysler and AMC Supercar Intermediates 
Chapter 8: The Pony Car Brigade, Part 1: Mustang and Camaro
Chapter 9: The Pony Car Brigade, Part 2: Everything Else
Chapter 10: Smaller in Stature, but . . . the Story of Junior Supercars 
Chapter 11: Flash, Space, and Grace: The Family Supercar 
Chapter 12: The Domestic Sports Car 
Chapter 13: Today We Call Them Tuners 
Chapter 14: The Model Car Kit Collector 
Chapter 15: Afterword
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