Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945 - Eastern Front

Steven J. Zaloga (Author), Felipe Rodriguez (Illustrator)
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This history and analysis of the state of German and Soviet tank forces reviews the initial encounters through the outcome of victory int the war.
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The final months of World War II on the Eastern Front saw the Wehrmacht fighting with exhausted armored divisions, albeit now armed with the most advanced and heaviest tanks of the war, to slow the Soviet advance. The Red Army meanwhile was rolling relentlessly westwards, with its own highly developed tank forces now equipped with T34/85s and the huge IS-2 heavy tanks, intent on taking Berlin and as much German territory as possible.

This book is a history and analysis of the state of these two mighty armored forces, as their battles decided the fate of Germany. It covers their initial encounters on the German frontier in 1944 (East Prussia), the fighting of the Oder-Vistula offensive in January 1945 and describes the condition of the German tank forces and their Hungarian allies as they were beaten back. It also considers the huge impact of The Red Army and other significant Allied forces such as those from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania on the outcome of victory in the war.
Author: Steven J. Zaloga (Author), Felipe Rodriguez (Illustrator)
Size: 10" x 7"
Pages: 48
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