USS Intrepid: CV-11 CVA-11 CVS-11

David Doyle
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This this is an essential resource if you plan to build a model of the USS Intrepid.
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One of America’s longest serving carriers, USS Intrepid, the third ship of the renowned Essex-class, was commissioned in August 1943. Between then and its final decommissioning in 1974, she took part in several key Pacific War battles — Truk Lagoon, Peleliu, Okinawa, Leyte Gulf. After World War II, Intrepid was refitted and modernized including an enlarged, angled flightdeck, which was redesignated an antisubmarine carrier, recovered astronauts during the Mercury and Gemini programs, deployed three times to Vietnam, and sailed the world. Ultimately, after taking part in 1976 Bicentennial celebrations, Intrepid was preserved as a museum ship in New York City.

That’s a lot of history to cover in a single volume, but David Doyle does so in USS Intrepid (CV-11/CVA-11/CVS-11) — From World War II, Korea, and Vietnam to Museum Ship, part of Schiffer’s Legends of Warfare Naval series. The 144-page hardcover’s introduction includes the ship’s construction and commissioning, before the first chapter covers its WWII service. Photos cover details, both inside and out, chronicle damage from torpedoes and kamikazes, and show aircraft operations featuring Hellcats, Helldivers, Avengers, and Corsairs. Chapter 2 focuses on the period between WWII and Vietnam with images of progressive updates, cruises, and Intrepid’s involvement in the Space Race. The short, third chapter shows the carrier’s Vietnam service with Skyhawks, Skyraiders, Phantoms, and Crusaders on deck. The final section traces Intrepid’s final mission as a museum ship and includes plenty of detail photos of sections such as guns, gun directors, radars, marking, the bridge, and more.

It's a fascinating read. Grab a copy if you plan to build a model of USS Intrepid at any time in its storied career. 

~Aaron Skinner, Editor of FineScale Modeler
Author: David Doyle
Size: 9x9
Pages: 144
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