50 Ways to a Better-Looking Layout

Jeff Wilson
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Add the finishing touches to your layout and create a higher level of interest and realism.
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New detailing projects from Jeff Wilson, plus favorites from the pages of Model Railroader, help modelers add the finishing touches to their layouts and create a higher level of interest and realism. Projects range from adding weeds to creating signs and billboards, and all can be completed easily in an evening or weekend. Key areas covered include structures, scenery, vehicles, locomotives and rolling stock, and more.
Author: Jeff Wilson
Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
Pages: 96
Color photos: 250
Author Bio
Jeff Wilson has written more than 20 books on railroads and model railroading. He spent 10 years as an associate editor at Model Railroader magazine, and he currently works as a freelance writer, editor, and photographer, contributing articles to Model Railroader and other magazines. He enjoys many facets of the hobby, especially building structures and detailing locomotives, as well as photographing both real and model railroads.
Table of Contents
Convert a boxcar to a shed
Detail an industrial loading dock
Cardboard cases by the stack
Signs out of matchbooks
3-D signs from stir sticks
Advertising sign decals
Give building a level base
Improve roofs on structures
Build cardstock structures
Impressionistic interiors
Scratchbuilt exhaust fans

Show vehicles turning
Detail sidewalk scenes
Roadway striping and weathering
Set an era with roadside billboards
Add locomotive cab crews
Paint your own figures
Place drivers in vehicles
Open truck doors
Upgrade a truck
Detail semitrailers
Apply license plates

Gravel road with grade crossing
Asphalt road with grade crossing
Paint and detail track
Build an operating derail
Detail a signal
Signs along the tracks
Model weed-grown track
Add junk between yard tracks

Use forced perspective
Weeds from fake fur
Make realistic trees
Plant a soybean field
Add cattails to a water scene
Build and install board fences
Rural wire fences
Chain link fences
Communication poles

Diesel number boards
Renumber locomotives and cars
Freight car markings
Chalk marks on freight cars
Galvanized boxcar roofs
Model an open boxcar
Weather models with chalk
Weather freight car trucks
Add rust with oil paint
Weather a flatcar deck
Realistic hopper loads
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