How Diesel and Electric Locomotives Work

Jeff Wilson
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How Diesel & Electric Locomotives Work guides you through the development and operation of diesel and electric locomotives by exploring each major component or system. After reading this book, you will understand what is happening inside the next locomotive you see!

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Diesel and electric locomotives are complex, and they revolutionized railroading as we know it. How Diesel & Electric Locomotives Work is a complete guide to the inner workings of the locomotives powering railroad’s today.

This book includes:

  • A brief history of the locomotive type and the development of the diesel engine.
  • A discussion of the components and systems, illustrating how the parts function and the design differences between manufacturers.
  • How electric locomotives work and their similarities to diesel units.
  • Details regarding the major builders and their contributions to the art.

Plus, hundreds of photos, charts, and mechanical illustrations describing the workings of locomotives!

Author: Jeff Wilson
Size: 8.25 X 10.75"
Pages: 208
Author Bio
Jeff Wilson has written more than 30 books on railroads and model railroading. He enjoys many facets of the hobby, especially building structures and detailing locomotives, as well as photographing both real and model railroads.
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