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See what America's most famous passenger train was like with this exclusive streaming video featuring historical footage, photos, and live interviews. 

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If you want to see what one of the most famous passenger trains in America was like, here it is! 

The year 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the end of the 20th Century Limited, one of the most famous passenger trains in America. This New York-Chicago train was the way to travel between the America's two largest and most important cities in the first half of the 20th Century. The train is well known in many cultural aspects including being the route for celebrities, and it was one of the originators of walking the red carpet.  

Don't miss this exclusive streaming video featuring historical footage, photos, and live interviews.

Chapter List:

Chapter 1 – America’s Most Famous Passenger Train
Chapter 2 – The 1920s: Prestige, Prosperity and Popularity
Chapter 3 – The Party Pauses
Chapter 4 – Rebirth: The 1938 Century
Chapter 5 – The Last Hurrah
Chapter 6 – The Gathering Clouds
Chapter 7 – Only the Best
Bonus Footage – 20th Century Limited: Memories

Approximate running time: 56 minutes
From Director: Richard W. Luckin
Narrated by: Michael Gross

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"You're such a great story teller in video."
         Donald Tallman, Executive Director, Colorado Railroad Museum

"What a great collection of reminiscences! Their love of the 20th Century was palpable."
         Matthew Simek, video producer

"Enjoyed the insight of the  train I'd heard of but didn't know much about it."
         Matt Donnelly, Amtrak employee

"Rich . . . WOW! Your 20th Century premier was the absolute HIT of the convention . . . you really are a genius."
         Gerry Lemmons, President, Intermountain Chapter, N.R.H.S.

"Everyone did a great job. Y'all did the world's greatest train proud."
         Kevin Keefe, retired Vice President, Kalmbach Publishing

"I thought it was magnificant. Great work, Richard!"
         Michael Gross

"Your production is remarkable entertaining. It manages to walk that fine line between appealing to the masses while being too "shallow" for hardcore train enthusiasts on the one hand, and  being too focused at the risk of alienating the more casual viewer on the other."
          Dick Fogg, son of railroad artist Howard Fogg

"Lots of great memories and vignettes to accompany the history . . . "
        George Hamlin, President, Hamlin Transportation Consulting 

"All your interviews informative, especially for me, as a long time follower of this train."
         Douglas Brown

"You and the others involved in the production did a terrific job! The "Twentieth Century Limited" now has a documentary worthy of its exalted stature in American culture."
         Bill Howes, retired CSX

"A classic presentation on an iconic train. I thought the presenters were top quality as well."
            George Duffy

"The story it tell is timeless"
                Keith Kirby, 20th Century LTD. passenger
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