The Bullseye Bundle Set

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Introducing new modeling tool sets with all of the essentials for model railroaders, scale modelers, and more!
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Introducing new model railroading sets with all of the essentials you need to get and keep your layout looking great and running smoothly.

This set includes:

  • Bulls Eye Drill and Tap Jig - Repair loose or drooping coupler box covers with this bulls eye drill and tap jig.
  • Metal Coupler Box Covers 12pk - Included in this pack are 12 metal coupler box covers that are used to snap and lock couplers into place. This will secure the connection between railcars.
  • Phillips Head Screws 50pk - This screw pack includes 50 Phillips Head screws that are 56 x 1/8” and coated in black oxide.
  • 6pc Precision Screw Driver Set - Use this portable tool set with precision on all your models! Includes four flat head screwdrivers measuring 1.4mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm and 2.9mm and two Phillips measuring #0 and #1.2.
  • Double Ended Pin Vise - A double-ended pin vise eliminates the need to change between bits, as it allows for mounting two drill, tap, or driver bits at the same time. Modelers find this tool useful for drilling and tapping holes or for installing detail parts, such as on a locomotive model where more than one size of hole may be needed.
  • Metal Grabber Pick Up Tool - Easily pick-up, hold and place small objects with this five-pronged grabber tool from Excel Blades.

Save 20% when you buy this set!

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