Helping Hand Set

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Take the stress out of your time at the workbench with the Helping Hand collection. This carefully curated set includes three different clamps, great for assembling structures, freight cars, and more; double clip extra hands, which can hold wires for soldering and parts for painting, among countless other uses; curve- and straight-nose hemostats, ideal for projects that call for a plier with a secure grip; and a five-prong pickup tool, handy for setting or removing items from tight spots.

This set includes:

  • Curved Nose Hemostat - Hemostats are ideal for all modeling projects that require a plier with a secure grip.  This pair has a curved nose to make picking small objects up off of work surfaces easier.
  • Straight Nose Hemostat - This hemostat is ideal for all modeling projects that require a plier with a secure grip
  • Double Clip Extra Hands - Designed to assist in holding of objects, this adjustable tool provides two extra “hands” and a magnifying glass to help you with your next project.
  • Metal Grabber Pickup Tool - Easily pick-up, hold and place small objects with this five-pronged grabber tool from Excel Blades.
  • Quick Release Speed Clamp - The Excel 4” clamp has a squeeze trigger for one-handed tightening and a 1¼” deep jaw. It also has a lock release button for opening the clamp.
  • Magnetic Snap & Glue Set - Includes 4 magnetic clamps with 16 magnets.
  • Right Angle Hold & Glue Set - This handy tool for your model railroad helps to hold your structure components at right angles so you can apply your glue with ease.
  • Magnetic Adjustable Snap & Glue Set - These clamps help to hold parts while you apply your glue. They are especially helpful as roof clamps, where you can adjust the angle for various roof pitches.

Save 20% when you buy this set!

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