Blood Red Skies: Battle of Britain

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In the dark days of summer 1940, Britain’s Royal Air Force faced the might of the Luftwaffe. Now you can take on the role of either British or German pilots in Warlord Games’ tabletop miniatures game, Blood Red Skies: Battle of Britain. 

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This starter game features six beautiful Spitfires and six Bf 109s than can be used straight out of the box or painted in realistic camouflage for an even more immersive experience. The rules are structured so you master the basic game first before introducing more advanced concepts like unique aircraft traits.

Other components include movable bases, card scenery, cards, and dice. And the game can be expanded with separately available aircraft, including American, Soviet, and Japanese fighters and bombers, as well as aces so you can fight on through World War II.

Take your love of aviation, history, and modeling to another level with Blood Red Skies!

Starter set includes:

-12 colored plastic fighter aircraft
-12 clear plastic advantage flying bases
-10 combat dice
-12 pilot skill level discs
-3 gaming booklets: rules, expanded rules, scenarios
-45 cards to use in game
-38 markers to use in game
-Set of tools: movement template, rangefinder and navigation calliper
-6 clouds/air defense balloons clusters
-3 Blenheim IV/Dornier Do17 Z2 bombers
-2 quick reference sheets

Brand: Warlord Games

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