Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses

Rather Dashing Games

A strategically spooky tile game.

Players: 2-4
Ages: 8 and up
Game time: 20-30 minutes
Designers: Mike Richie and Grant Wilson
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In this strategically spooky tile game, players try to haunt the largest section of the grayard with their chosen ghost. Action icons allow tiles to move, so lock them down with your haunted house and meddling kids tokens for extra points. Use the gravestones and Paranormal Investigators to hamper your opponents. Graveyards Ghost & Haunted Houses will have you twisting, swapping, blocking and locking your way to victory as the spookiest ghost in the graveyard!

Graveyards Ghosts & Haunted Houses is the second game in the Drawn & Quartered series of tile laying games.


Can I layer more than two things?
No. You cannot have more than two layers, meaning the tile and one other layer, such as a token or a haunted house. You cannot have a haunted house over a token, nor a token over a haunted house. You cannot stack two tokens or two haunted houses.

Can I use two actions in one turn?
No. You can only use one action per turn. When you play a "Replace" action you take a tile off the table, place it into your hand, and then take one from your hand and put it in the same location as the tile you just took. If the tile you just placed down has an action icon on it, it is not available to you. You spent your one action playing the "Replace" card.

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