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An easy-to-learn strategic game of capture and control.

Players: 2-4
Ages: 14 and up
Game time: 30 minutes
Designers: Mike Richie and Grant Wilson

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Fire, Water, Earth, Wind.

These four elements have driven mankind’s mythology, philosophy, and science for thousands of years. Become the master of these primal forces by feeding walls of flame, moving raging rivers, raising impenetrable mountain ranges, and riding gales of wind in this easy-to-learn strategic game of capture and control.

*Element is the winner of Boardgame Corner’s Cornerstone Collection Award and was awarded the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.

Rather Dashing Games – a division of Kalmbach Publishing – produces quality hobby board games that are easy to learn, hard to win and fun to play time and again.

Game Contents:
Game Board
4 Unique Sages
120 Element Stones
Embroidered Bag

Can a Fire Stone replace a Whirlwind?
Yes, one Fire Stone can always replace the Wind Stones on a space, regardless of the number.

Do you need to use all of the Stones you draw on a turn or can they carry over to your next turn?
Stones do not accumulate or carry over to another turn. All Stones must be drawn and played on that turn.

Can a headwater Stone immediately flow to the right or the left or does it need to go straight one space?
The headwater Stone can immediately begin making directional changes to the right or left or go straight.

Can I draw Stones one at a time and decide as I draw them how many I wish to draw?
No, you must commit to the number of Stones you wish to draw and pull all of them at once.

When jumping Wind, can a Sage exit on top of a Wind Stone and continue moving?
No, a Sage can only exit a Wind jump into an empty space.

Why is the design on all the Element Stones the same? Shouldn't they have their respective elements on them?
They all have the same design to prevent someone from being able to feel the difference between the Stones when drawing them, avoiding an unfair advantage.
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