The General, Death Valley Scotty, and Train Robberies

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The General, Death Valley Scotty, and Train Robberies – our coverage of railroad legends. 7 articles, 40 pages
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Epic stories of adventure have graced the pages of Trains since its creation. Chief among these is the dramatic Great Locomotive Chase that saw Union spies capture a Confederate train in north Georgia. Read about this and other exciting legends in this TRAINS Express PDF package! Here’s the line-up of stories from the Trains magazine archive:

- “The Wild Ride of Death Valley Scotty” By Wallace W. Abbey, Pages 14-17, February 1953
- “The Great Locomotive Chase” By Rosemary Entringer, Pages 21-24, May 1956
- “The Case of the Verdi Villains” By W. H. Hutchinson, Pages 54-57, April 1958
- “The General” By David P. Morgan, Cover, pages 18-31, July 1962
- “The Andrews Raid If Someone Had Had a Camera” By David P. Morgan, Pages 18-19, May 1964
- “11 Hours with a 111-Year-Old Locomotive” By Charles B. Castner, Pages 44-49, October 1967
- “The Legend of the Gray Fox” By Doug Alexander, Pages 58-61, August 2006

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