Railroad Regulation

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Railroad Regulation – our historical coverage, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the impact of deregulation. 15 articles, 43 pages
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Government regulation of American railroads has always been controversial. Trains has covered the changing circumstances for decades, long before the Staggers Act of 1980 deregulated U.S. railroads and set the stage for the modern system we know today. Read more about the history of regulation in America, the impact of the Interstate Commerce Commission, and important analyses from railroaders about the need for change in this TRAINS Express PDF package. Here’s the line-up of stories from the Trains magazine archive:

- “What Went Wrong and What to Do About It” By George W. Hilton, Pages 36-45, January 1967
- “Ralph in the Roundhouse” By George W. Hilton, Pages 44-47, November 1970
- “What Does the ICC Cost You and Me?” By George W. Hilton, Pages 24-28, October 1972
- “Turntable: With Friends Like That . . .” By David L. Foster, Page 58, May 1974
- “What Does the ICC Cost You and Me? Currently, That Is” By George W. Hilton, Pages 28-32, June 1978
- “Turntable: Railroads Are Not Mismanaged” By William D. Burt, Page 66, September 1978
- “Is Deregulation Really Reregulation?” By Frank N. Wilner, Pages 22-25, January 1980
- “Turntable: An Old Railroader Tries to Look Ahead” By Jervis Langdon Jr., Page 66, August 1987
- “Turntable: What Should Be Preserved from the ICC” By George W. Hilton, Page 90, November 1987
- “Turntable: A Businessman Looks at Railroad Regulation” By Godfrey Lowell Cabot and Albro Martin, Page 82, October 1988
- “A Moment in Railroad History” By Kevin P. Keefe, Pages 66-67, March 1994
- “Management or Regulation?” By J. Warren McFarland, Page 74, February 1997
- “Son of the ICC” By William E. Thoms, Pages 36-37, December 1997
- “The Act They Call ‘Staggers’” By Don Phillips, Pages 40-41, January 2000
- “Chemical Shippers Want a New Formula for Railroad Competition” By Bill Stephens, Pages 26-27, May 2001

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