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Roundhouses - a tribute to the American roundhouse. 20 articles, 54 pages
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Great American roundhouses have been the setting and subject of Trains articles for decades. In this TRAINS Express PDF package, read about the one railroad building where you can’t be cornered: the roundhouse. Here’s the line-up of stories from the Trains magazine archive, going back to the 1940s:

- “Haunted Roundhouse” By W.T. Coniff, Pages 12-15, June 1944
- “Daily Except Sunday via the Roundhouse” By Thurber D. Catton, Page 27, August 1945
- “D&TS Engine Servicing” By Gil Reid, Pages 21-26, October 1947
- “Something About Steam” By David P. Morgan, Page 43, November 1949
- “Hub of the Washington Terminal” By H.A. McBride, Pages 44-45, April 1950
- “What is There About a Railroad?” By Wallace W. Abbey, Pages 21-23, November 1952
- “Variations on a Theme” By H. Reid and A.A. Thieme, Pages 57-59, January 1953
- “4 to 12 Shift” By Webster E. Wing, Pages 14-15, December 1956
- “Flat Faces, Then and Now” By David P. Morgan, Pages 26-27, October 1957
- “Roundhouse” By Webster E. Wing, Page 49, December 1958
- “My First Night as a Night Roundhouse Foreman” By E.L. O’Connell, Pages 25-28, February 1970
- “To Engineers & Firemen” Bulletins from an old roundhouse wall, Pages 38-39, June 1971
- “The Objective Was to Clean Flues and Wash Boilers” By Richard D. Johnson, Pages 44-47, March 1972
- “The Night That 4922 Blew Up” By Simon E. Herring, Pages 36-39, July 1974
- “Roundhouse at Beardstown: 1955” By Hargis Westerfield, Page 37, July 1978
- “Effective with Close of Shift, Monday, Oct. 25, 1982” By Anthony A. Johnson, Pages 42-44, April 1990
- “Old Tactic, Modern Setting” By Dan Olah, Pages 28-29, May 1990
- “Prideful Days” By Ed King, Pages 36-37, February 1998
- “Night Hostler” By Richard F. Borsos, Pages 74-76, November 1999
- “Roundhouse Memory” By Bruce Feld, Pages 66, 68-69, December 2003

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