Holiday and Winter Railroading

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Holiday and Winter Railroading - Railroading during the holidays. 22 articles, 78 pages
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Trains and the holidays go together naturally. In this TRAINS Express PDF package, read heartwarming and delightful stories of railroaders at work — and in the holiday spirit. Enjoy this inspirational set of tales from railroading’s most special time of the year. Here’s the line-up of stories from the Trains magazine archive:

- “Antidote to Winter” By David P. Morgan, Pages 46-47, January 1963
- “Christmas Eve at Carlisle Junction” By David P. Morgan, Pages 44-45, January 1965
- “Amtrak East” By George H. Drury, Pages 28-32, July 1974
- “No, Virginia, You Can’t Mail Your Cards on an RPO This Christmas” By Don Phillips, Pages 16-17, December 1977
- “The Spirit of Christmas” By Charles M. Mizell Jr., Pages 24-25, December 1977
- “Christmas Eve in Denison” By Jay H. Miller, Page 53, December 1977
- “Shadows of Things That Have Been” By Gary W. Dolzall, Pages 40-45, December 1982
- “Home for Christmas” By Jay Potter, Pages 52-53, December 1982
- “Perhaps a Christmas Fable” By David P. Morgan, Pages 36-40, December 1984
- “The Christmas Train” By David P. Morgan, Pages 56-57, December 1984
- “Sunny, but Cold . . . 66 Degrees” By David P. Morgan, Page 27, December 1986
- “Montreal for Christmas” By Greg J. McDonnell, Pages 32-42, December 1986
- “Mother Lode Homecoming” By Ted Benson, Pages 56-61, December 1986
- “So You Wanted an SW1200 for Christmas” By J. David Ingles, Page 39, December 1987
- “Christmas on a Caboose” By Norman L. Sevy, Page 61, December 1987
- “The Trains of Christmas” By David P. Morgan, Pages 44-49, December 1989
- “A Railroad Ride of Christmas Past” By Joe A. Ashley, Pages 68-70, December 1992
- “An Early Christmas Gift” By William K. Viekman, Pages 52-53, December 1993
- “When Christmas Meant Mail Extras on the Lackawanna” By Henry F. Sommers, Pages 53-54, December 1993
- “Vanishing Snowplows” By Glenn Cunningham and Douglas J. Fear, Cover, Pages 44-49, December 1995
- “Let’s Go Plowing” By Glenn Cunningham and Douglas J. Fear, Pages 50-51, December 1995
- “Christmas Treat on the B&O” By Bob Withers, Cover, pages 64-69, December 1996

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