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Classic Trains Spring 2015

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F Units, T to 9
By Preston Cook
A chronology of dieseldom's most famous family, from the FT to the FL9, plus some units that were planned but never built

Marketing and Delivering the FT
By Preston Cook
EMD's support services and promotion efforts assured success for a quality product

Re-engineering the FT
By Preston Cook
"The Diesel That Did It" was also the diesel that EMD learned from

New England's Only FTs
By Jim Shaughnessy
Miracle machines in 1943, B&M's FTs were tired old horses by the late 1950s

Early Days at La Grange
By Milo M. Schalla, as told to Robert Schalla
An EMD electrical engineer helps create the F3

Inside an F Unit
By Illustration by Preston Cook
EMD built more than 1,100 F3As; here's what was under their steamlined skin

Ingles Color Classics: This Bulldog Gets No Respect
By J. David Ingles
EMD's dual-service FP7 — misidentified and misunderstood by many — often operated in virtual anonymity

What's In a Photograph? 'Mountain Type' F3s on the UP
By Jerry A. Pinkepank
The Butte Special at Butte, Mont., August 3, 1961

Photo Section
F units in action, on 14 railroads in 10 states from New Jersey to California

Playing with Fire: The Saga of the FL9
By J. W. Swanberg
EMD may have been the dominant  locomotive builder in the mid-1950s, but it had a tiger by the tail with the New Haven's dual-power cab unit

North Western's Executive F7s
By Chris Burger
As railroading changed, these revived 1950s haulers became roving C&NW ambassadors for a decade
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