The Aviation Historian: Issue 21

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Covering military and civil aviation from before the Wright Brothers to the dawn of spaceflight, The Aviation Historian is a quarterly journal is designed to take its place alongside the most treasured books on your shelves.
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Renowned for its in-depth articles from 250 specialist authors worldwide, The Aviation Historian is a quarterly journal that is valued and respected for its superb high-quality archive photography and specially-commissioned drawings, profiles and information graphics.  Conceived and produced by a four-person team who between them have clocked up 84 years’ experience on aviation-history magazines, the journal combines traditional attention-to-detail with a modern tone.

Covering military and civil aviation from before the Wright Brothers to the dawn of spaceflight, this compact-format square-spined quarterly journal is designed to take its place alongside the most treasured books on your shelves.  Making new discoveries in your favorite field of interest is always exciting, whether you’re a history aficionado, a modeler on the hunt for new projects, or both.

The Aviation Historian provides great reading and first-class reference material to feed your passion. It truly is “aviation history for connoisseurs."

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Table of Contents
Editor's Letter

Air Correspondence

Shrinking Pains
Continuing our 60th anniversary coverage of the 1957
Defence White Paper, Chris Gibson explores some of the
projects — built and unbuilt — put forward in its wake

Flag of Convenience
Philippe Ricco takes a look at the capture of a BOAC
Armstrong Whitworth Ensign by Vichy French forces in
Africa in 1942 and its impressment into wartime service

Iran's Golden Crown
Using a collection of previously unpublished photographs,
Babak Taghvaee chronicles the history of the Imperial
Iranian Air Force’s elite formation aerobatic display team

A Tragedy of Errors
With the help of the official inquiry documents, Bob
Livingstone relates the tragic tale of a BOAC Liberator
shot down by Spitfires off the British coast in early 1942

The War of the Roses Air Race
Early aviation specialist Nick Forder provides commentary
on the 1913 air race in which Yorkshire and Lancashire’s
finest flying machines reinvigorated a centuries-old rivalry

High, Fast & Forgotten
By the mid-1930s Italy’s development of record-setting
aircraft was reaching a high point — literally, in the case of
the one-off high-altitude AQV, as detailed by Gregory Alegi

Operation Bolo & Project Silver Dawn
Using recently declassified US and North Vietnamese
sources, Albert Grandolini offers a fresh perspective on
the USAF’s wildly successful MiG-hunt of January 1967

Open Wide!
Our regular series based on previously unpublished rolls of
film taken by aviation journalist John Stroud continues with
a day-trip to Le Touquet in a Silver City Bristol Freighter

The Grand Tour
In 1934 the late Richard Shaw, then a Flying Officer with
No 216 Sqn RAF, kept a diary of the unit’s adventurous
flight from Cairo to Pretoria in South Africa. We present
extracts from it, along with some of his superb photographs

Here Come the Vixettes
When is a Sea Vixen not a Sea Vixen? When it’s a
“Vixette”, as Matthew Willis explains . . .

Fairey's Commercial Break
Using company brochures, Fairey Aviation specialist Bill
Harrison traces the history of the company’s commercial
designs, from pre-war FC.1 to double-deck Fairey Queen

Indonesia's Fledgling Insects
Known today chiefly as a licence-builder of foreign types,
Indonesia developed a number of indigenous designs
during the 1950s and 1960s, as Nick Stroud reveals

Armchair Aviation

Lost & Found

Premium Parking
Phil Vabre relates how a strike by Australian air traffic
controllers in 1973 turned the newly-opened airport at
Melbourne into a haven for the local airliner spotters

Off the Beaten Track
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