Track Planning for Realistic Operation - Third Edition

John Armstrong
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Step-by-step design techniques and track planning tips.
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Provides step-by-step design techniques and track planning tips to save model railroaders time, money, and headaches. This must-have book also covers aspects of prototype freight and passenger operations, route design, and contemporary railroading.
Author: John Armstrong
Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
Pages: 144
Color photos: 0
Black & White photos: 45
Illustrations: 120
Author Bio
John Armstrong has designed track plans for Model Railroader magazine, various books, and individual commissions. These track plans are ruthlessly aimed at cramming the most in railroadlike operation into the available space. John wrote for many other publications; the majority of his 76 articles for Model Railroader magazine were on track plans and track planning. His five Kalmbach books dealt with that subject as well.
Table of Contents
Introduction to the third edition  4
Section I: Prototype railroad operation  5
  1. Loading and unloading products and passengers  6
  2. Assembling cars into trains  18
  3. Moving trains over the railroad  28
  4. Specialized trackage and facilities  44
  5. Contemporary railroading  54
      Case study: Rationalization and the birth of a regional  64
      Storage yards-on purpose?  66
      Passengers on two levels  67
      Concrete ties?-or steel  70
Section II: Designing a practical model railroad track plan  71
  6. Operating reliability through standards  72
  7. Layout locations and shapes  84
      How big is too big?  86
  8. Schematics for satisfying operation  95
  9. Developing the main line  109
 10. Filling in the details  122
Appendix A: The case history of an HO track plan  129
Appendix B: Examples of operation-oriented pikes  138
Glossary  143
Index  144
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