Collectible Lionel Classics

Roger Carp
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Get detailed information on 100 popular postwar Lionel locomotives, motorized units, rolling stock, and accessories!

This impressive 128-page book is printed on quality paper with a strong, durable cover for safekeeping.

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In his book, Collectible Lionel Classics, toy train expert, Roger Carp, provides detailed information on 100 popular postwar Lionel locomotives (steam, diesel, and electric), motorized units, rolling stock, and accessories. 

The book provides:

  • A detailed description of each collectible including its history, common variations, and buying advice.
  • A full-color photo and sidebar highlighting additional product features.
  • An in-depth introduction to each product category (steam locomotives, diesels, etc.)
  • From experienced collectors and operators, to customers new to the hobby, this 128-page book will appeal to anyone with an interest in toy trains and accessories.
Author: Roger Carp
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 128
Color photos: 100
Author Bio
Roger Carp has been associated with Classic Toy Trains since its second issue, and he regularly writes about O and S gauge layouts. The history of toy trains in America fascinates Roger, especially the development of prewar and postwar Lionel and postwar American Flyer. He has written four books on the history of Lionel and collects postwar Lionel trains and accessories.
Table of Contents
Postwar Era at Lionel

Steam Locomotives
221 Empire State 2-6-2 and Tender
671 Turbine 6-8-6 and Tender
675 Prairie 2-6-2 and Tender
1656 Switcher 0-4-0 and Tender
1110 Scout 2-4-2 and Tender
736 Berkshire 2-8-4 and Tender
2026 Adriatic 2-6-4 and Tender
2037 Adriatic 2-6-4 and Tender
2065 Hudson 4-6-4 with Tender
746 Streamlined Northern 4-8-4 and Tender
1872 General 4-4-0 and Tender

Diesel and Electric Locomotives
2332 Pennsylvania RR GG1 Electric
2333 New York Central F3 AA Units
624 Chesapeake & Ohio Electro-Motive NW2 Switcher
2031 Rock Island Alco FA AA Units
2245 Texas Special Electro-Motive F3 AB Units
2321 Lackawanna Fairbanks-Morse H-24-66 Train Master
6250 Seaboard Electro-Motive NW2 Switcher
2338 Milwaukee Road Electro-Motive GP7 Road Diesel
2240 Wabash F3 AB Units
2350 New Haven General Electric EP-5 Electric
2368 Baltimore & Ohio Electro-Motive F3 AB Units
625 Lehigh Valley 44-Ton Center-Cab
228 Canadian National Alco FA A Unit
2322 Virginian Fairbanks-Morse H-24-66 Train Master
2346 Boston & Maine Electro-Motive GP9 Road Diesel

Motorized Units
41 U.S. Army Gas Turbine Switcher
60 Lionelville Rapid Transit Trolley
3927 Track Cleaning Car
52 Firefighting Car
54 Ballast Tamper
56 Minneapolis & St. Louis Mine Transport
68 Executive Inspection Car
44 U.S. Army Mobile Missile Launcher

Rolling Stock
2454 Baby Ruth Boxcar
3454 Operating Merchandise Car
3474 Western Pacific Operating Boxcar
6464-25 Great Northern Boxcar
6468 Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar
3424 Operating Brakeman Car
3494-150 Missouri Pacific Operating Boxcar
3530 Operating Generator Car
6024 Shredded Wheat Boxcar
6464-650 Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar
3428 Operating Mail Car
6470 Explosives Boxcar
6445 Fort Knox Gold Reserve Car
3619 Helicopter Reconnaissance Car
3666 Minuteman Car
2460 Operating Bucyrus Erie Crane Car
2560 Operating Lionel Lines Crane Car
6561 Lionel Lines Flatcar with Cable Reels
3620 Lionel Lines Rotating Searchlight Car
6414 Evans Auto Loader
6418 Machinery Car
6430 Flatcar with Cooper-Jarrett Vans
6826 Flatcar with Christmas Trees
6475 Pickles Car
3470 Aerial Target Launching Car
6469 Liquefied Gas Tank Car
2452 Pennsylvania Railroad Gondola
6462-25 New York Central Gondola
3562-50 Santa Fe Operating Barrel Car
6562 New York Central Canister Car
3444 Erie Railroad Animated Gondola
3459 Automatic Dumping Ore Car
6456 Lehigh Valley Short Hopper
3359 Lionel Lines Twin-Bin Dump Car
6346 Alcoa Car
6636 Alaska Railroad Open Quad Hopper
3472 Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car
6356 New York Central Stockcar
6672 Santa Fe Refrigerator Car
6434 Illuminated Poultry Car
3366 Operating Circus Car and Corral
3435 Traveling Aquarium Car
3370 Sheriff and Outlaw Car
2855 Sunoco Deluxe Single-Dome Oil Car
6315 Gulf Single-Dome Chemical Tank Car
6425 Gulf Triple-Dome Tank Car
6465-110 Cities Service Double-Dome Tank Car
2457 Pennsylvania Railroad N5 Caboose
6417 Pennsylvania Railroad N5c Porthole Caboose
6517 Lionel Lines Bay Window Caboose
6814 First Aid Medical Car

97 Electric Coal Elevator
156 Illuminated Station Platform
182 Remote Control Magnetic Crane
364 Conveyor Lumber Loader
397 Operating Diesel-Type Coal Loader
ZW-Type Transformer
145 Automatic Gateman
455 Operating Oil Derrick and Pump
456 Operating Coal Ramp and Hopper Car
356 Operating Freight Station
445 Operating Switch Tower
352 Ice Depot Set with Car
264 Operating Forklift Platform
175 Rocket Launcher
262 Highway Crossing Gate

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