American Snowmobiler January 2015

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Love it rough?
By Ross Halvorson
Page 24
Then check out a trifecta of the hottest new rough trail 800cc rockets compared, dissected, ridden and studied.

Polaris 800 2-stroke dyno test
By Jim Czekala
Page 22
You will only find the newest 3rd party, unbiased, independent horsepower numbers and expert analysis here! Will the new 800cc motor from Polaris out-pull the competition?

Hybrids go head-to-head... to head!
AmSnow compares three of the latest crossover, or hybrid sleds from the skis up. The kicker? These are all 4-strokes and none of them are giving up an inch to the competition. Have they caught the 2-strokes yet? Read on to find out!

Special Racing Section!
Page 36
The place to get the low-down, behind the scenes, industry insider info on all the new 2015 OEM race sleds, schedules, important circuit changes, and analysis on the pulse of snowmobile racing for the upcoming winter! This is the only place you can get all this info compiled!

Shiny Side Up
By Mark Boncher
Page 4
Right or wrong? Doesn’t matter!

Long-Term test: 2014 Ski-Doo X-RS
By Mark Boncher
Page 18

Long-term mtn. test: 2014 Yamaha XTX
By Stephen W Clark
Page 20

Tech notes 2:
By Olav Aaen
Page 58

Ask The Experts
By Ross Halvorson
Page 62

Hot Products:
By Christie Green
Page 66

By Mike Carr
Page 70
Chippewa County has more than just Leinenkugels!

Backtracks: Polaris X3
By Les Pinz
Page 74
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