FineScale Modeler April 2017

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Airbrushing & Finishing: Spotting a Brummbar
BY Aaron Skinner
How to punch up the camo on a Sturmpanzer IV
Pg. 14

Three ways to a 5 o'clock shadow
BY Joe Hudson
Simple techniques add stubble to figures
Pg. 16

Squiggles made simple
BY Pablo Miguel Bauleo
Precisely applied liquid mask makes it easy
Pg. 18

Metal from Acrylics
BY Aaron Skinner
Can water-based paints provide realistic natural-metal?
Pg. 21

The death of I-171
BY Luke Easter
Plastic kits, LEDs, and resin — a lot of resin — key this display
Pg. 28

Kitbash a better Bison
BY Bill Plunk
Accuracy demands two kits and aftermarket add-ons
Pg. 36

Construct cathedral ruins
BY Marc Grand
Shattered stained glass and crumbling walls tell a war-torn story
Pg. 42

MMSI 2016
Show gallery of amazing figures
Pg. 46

Build a carpet-laying Buffalo
BY Andy Cooper
You'll get a kick out of this "Funny"
Pg. 52

Final Details
BY Mark Hembree
A story finds a model
Pg. 66
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