Classic Trains Spring 2020

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20/20 Hindsight
20 things that shaped 20th century railroading

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Steam, Diesels, and Disruption
By Michael E. Iden
Dieselization: The greatest change in 20th century railroading had profound effects on carriers, suppliers, and employees

Disappearing Railroad Blues
By Don L. Hofsommer
Line abandonments: From a peak of 254,000 miles in 1916, rail routes fell by more than half

Cheaper by the Thousands
By Jerry A. Pinkepank
Unit trains: A 1959 ICC decision led to more traffic, moved at lower rates

Temples of Train Travel
By Robert S. McGonigal
Passenger terminals: Great stations rose as the rail industry neared its peak

Supersize Loads
By Jeff Wilson
Freight cars: Large, specialized freight cars helped the industry win traffic and carry record tonnages

Stronger Together
By H. Roger Grant
Mergers: Corporate consolidations changed the landscape of the industry after World War II

Remote-Control Railroading
By Fred W. Frailey
Centralized traffic control: How a 1920s innovation became part of railroading's bedrock

Constraining Commerce
By Michael W. Blaszak
Regulation: Government oversight stifled competition — and promoted safety — for almost a century

Fulfilling the Promise of Steam
By Kevin P. Keefe
Super Power steam: How a small locomotive builder developed a winning formula for the future

Black Diamonds from the Great Plains
By Jerry A. Pinkepank
Powder River coal: Demand for low-sulfur coal was a bonanza for Western railroads

The Long Good-Bye
By Joe Welsh
Passenger rail's decline: Railroads saw their virtual monopoly on intercity travel evaporate in the face of automobile and airline competition

Trains + Photography = TRAINS
By Scott Lothes
Rise of railfan culture: In 1940, a new magazine emerged as a forum for railfans who took pictures of trains

Strike of the Century
By H. Roger Grant
Shopmen's Strike of 1922: A widespread job action left a positive legacy

Colorful Classic
By Karl Zimmermann
Warbonnet paint scheme: Santa Fe's Warbonnet is an industry icon

Straighter, Flatter, Faster
By Jerry A. Pinkepank
Railroads rebuild: Railroads upgraded their 19th century plant to handle 20th century traffic

Partnering with the Enemy
By Fred W. Frailey
Intermodal freight: Railroads regained traffic lost to trucks by hauling trailers and containers

Upstairs, Downstairs, and in Between
By Kevin J. Holland
Multi-level passenger cars: Innovative car designs added new dimensions to rail travel

More Freight, Fewer People
By Jerry A. Pinkepank
Labor productivity: Aided by technological advances and sensible work agreements, growth in rail labor productivity has been continual

Reversing Course
By Bob Johnston
Passenger rail's renaissance: What and who helped bring back passenger rail

Down by the Station
By H. Roger Grant
Demise of the depot: Once the center of small town life, country depots gradually faded from the scene


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